Top 5 Web Design Tips For 2015

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Complexity is out. Sophistication is DEFINITELY in. 

Gone are the days of flash animation, fancy graphics and boring texts because the web’s future is for the responsive and minimalist designs.

Let’s discuss it further.

In years, we’ve seen trends disappear and reappear, and it’s because the industry expands in leaps and bounds and every now and then brings unique surprises to all of us.  So if you’re targeting downright conversions, read on for top website design tips for 2015.

  1. Simplify and Focus on Responsiveness.

This needs no emphasis, but folks, users are across devices. Make yours visible and omnipresent with an intuitive and easy to use website available in multiple devices for an enjoyable and memorable user experience.

Customers want 24-hour accessibility anywhere they are, work or home. If you own a business and your website is not adaptable to mobile devices, then you know what that means—lost buyers.

  1. Forget about Drop Shadows, Reflections and Beveled Edges.

Since Apple’s iOS7 launched the flat design that highlights bright colors on a simple layout, designers recognize how significant a flat website design for the future is. Think about it. (Is your website future-ready?).

  1. Add Videos.

Creating professional-looking videos shouldn’t be a problem; in fact, it is a cinch to produce one. Bring ideas into motion with a video rather than text. Users may not have the spare time to check out what your texts have to say.  Make a quick impression! Create a short introductory video for home page—plain and simple.

  1. Use Fonts with Personality.

A great way to style up and add a personality to your website is quirky fonts without cluttering design and slowing down page loading. Take it judiciously though because using a funny font may not be appropriate for a healthcare website.

  1. Utilize the Power of Photos.

Photography is becoming more powerful than ever, especially when sharing pins, contents and media to social networks, such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Connect with your audience with attractive photos shareable across social media.

As the end of 2014 approaches, plan and make a difference by setting up a future-ready website—accessible 24/7, easy to use and sophisticated—for adapting to the ever changing and fast evolving World Wide Web.

Adapt a responsive, stylish and media-rich (photos and videos) web design for the buyers of today and tomorrow and see conversions coming SPONTANEOUSLY.