The Top 5 Security Plug-Ins for WordPress

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WordPress websites need to be handled in a special sort of light if you’re going to get the most out of them, and all in all it’s not that difficult to secure them when you make use of certain security plug-ins. There’s always going to be a “dark side” to the internet, it’s something that brings together the entire world on one platform and that means there’s going to be some shady characters out there. As a result we’ve made it pretty obvious that you need to have security plug-ins for your WordPress site if you want to be able to breathe easily, so we’ll be looking at five individual plug-ins you could make use of (that is if you don’t have a go-to security plug-in already!). Without further ado let’s get into the different software that we can make use of with our WordPress sites, this is going to secure your SEO endeavours for quite some time.

Stealth Login – This particular plug-in allows you to make use of custom URLs when it comes to the logging in and out process of your WordPress page. This applies to just about every single portion of administrative item you could think of with WordPress, which means you can easily login to your site a different way as opposed to the traditional route.

WordPress Database Backup – Backing up the data of your WordPress site is one of the smartest things you could ever go about doing, especially if your WordPress site is relatively large (and especially if you’ve put a decent amount of work into the entire ordeal). You should be regularly backing up your data anyways, so this plug-in is just going to make the process that much easier.

Bulletproof Security – This plug-in is great because it’s actually free of cost, which means you don’t have to dish out any cash in order to actually make use of it. The plug-in has been downloaded well over a million times, and it’s also gotten an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. Clearly they’re doing something right with this plug-in, and it’s an .htaccess security protection protocol to boot.

Acunetix WP Security Scan – If you’re just worried about all-around problems this would be the right plug-in to use. It scans your site and will ultimately determine how secure the entire set-up happens to be, which is crucial when you’re looking to improve security in every single aspect for your website. It’ll point out security issues that you might have overlooked in the past, which is always going to mean a much more efficient site.

Sucuri Security – If you’re worried about malware infecting your WordPress site than this plug-in should let you relax a little bit. Nobody likes having a site that could be considered vulnerable, especially when it comes to malicious malware attacks. This plug-in will not only clean up your site if it’s already been hit with an attack, but it will also prepare you for any future endeavours that might incorporate malware.

No matter which plug-in you ultimately decide to work with you should always be aware that these security essentials will make your job a lot easier. Take it from somebody who’s been on the wrong end of the stick before!