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At Lizyd Design, we are passionate about practicality, ease of use, and great performance. We approach web design with the goal to impress. Our primary focus is on the best interests of you as the client, and just as importantly, the target audience. Whatever type of website you need designed, we’ll sort you out!

We aim to “raise the bar” in web design standards. We are passionate about designing websites that suit your specific needs, websites that look amazing and instantly get your message across.

What is the point in having a great website, if no one can find it?

We believe that great web design should go alongside great SEO. We make sure that every website we create is optimized for search engines, so that the site looks great, both to humans, and to Google. Our web sites feature full on-site SEO*, to squeeze that little bit extra ranking out of the site, ultimately getting you better positions in the search engines, and more traffic.

If you would like a FREE web design or SEO quotation, contact us and we will be glad to assist!

*On all new websites

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Web Design

Lizyd Design is a South African website design company that strives to set itself apart by offering the best service and value for money when designing your website. A responsive design plays an important role here.  This means that your site will look amazing, whether browsing on your PC, cellphone or tablet.



We offer full On Site SEO services, free with all our web sites. Because no good web site should go unnoticed, by Google especially. We offer high quality White Hat SEO services, so you can rest assured that your web site will always perform well in the search engines.


Graphic Design

Every business needs a logo, business cards and some kind of recognisable branding. At Lizyd Design, we understand that your business needs to be unique. We offer whatever Graphic Design services you may require; from logo design, to brochures, to flyers, to branded notice boards, to book covers.

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